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Tequila Travesuras - Blanco

Tequila Travesuras - Blanco

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Blanco tequila is magic! Distilled twice from the finest 'mosto muerto' and bottled immediately, it captures zesty citrus notes for a flavorful punch. Perfect for cocktails and mixology adventures, this tequila is a secret weapon.

Get ready for a refreshing burst of crispness, hints of citrus, and herbal goodness. So, why wait? Grab a Travesuras Blanco Tequila bottle, shake up killer cocktails, and let the fiesta begin!

ABV: 40.0%
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Made from 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber

Nothing Beats the Old-School Simplicity

Savor our Blanco Tequila neat to experience its pure essence, or mix it into traditional concoctions like palomas and margaritas. Due to its versatility, it should be a mainstay in the collection of any home bar or cocktail connoisseur.

Place an online order for Tequila Travesuras' Blanco Tequila to discover the genuineness of premium tequila. This amazing drink, which will be delivered right to your door, is ideal for tequila connoisseurs and anybody curious about the real meaning of agave-based spirits.

Try Tequila Travesuras' Reposado Tequila, a smooth, rich tequila that has been perfectly matured in oak barrels, if you're looking for something with a more complex flavor. Upgrade your tequila experience with our Reposado Tequila, which is also offered online alongside our Blanco Tequila.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Brown
Pure Agave Delight


John Anderson
Outstanding Blanco

Tequila Travesuras Blanco is outstanding! The smoothness and rich agave flavor are unmatched.

Emily Davis
Exceptional Quality

The quality of this blanco tequila is exceptional. Highly recommend for tequila lovers.

Abraham Entebi
The best blanco tequila I ever tasted


Robert Johnson
Smooth and Pure

Smooth and pure.