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Tequila Travesuras - Watermelon Spearmint

Tequila Travesuras - Watermelon Spearmint

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Discover the flawless fusion of herbal freshness and luscious sweetness. Whether you seek to revitalize classic cocktails or unleash your creativity in crafting innovative concoctions, this remarkable blend will elevate your libations to new heights.

Embrace the vibrant flavors of watermelon and the invigorating essence of spearmint for a truly delightful and unique experience!

ABV: 35.0%
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100% Natural
No Added Sugar
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors

Something Special for Every Occasion

Our Watermelon Spearmint Tequila appeals to both tequila connoisseurs and those who want their drinks neat or on the rocks. It can also be the main element in inventive cocktails. Savor its enticing scent and crisp finish, ideal for warm evenings and celebratory occasions.

This tequila with a watermelon infusion is a remarkable complement to any bar and a great present for people looking for something special and tasty. With a bottle of Tequila Travesuras' Watermelon Spearmint, you can embrace summer's essence all year long.

Explore the world of flavored tequilas online to find the ideal complement to your assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen White
Invigorating Mix

Great for mixing or sipping on its own.

Abraham Entebi

The best infused tequila I ever tested

Emily Clark
Perfect Blend

Perfect blend.

Lisa Thompson
Refreshing Delight

It is a refreshing delight! Perfect for summer cocktails.

David Rodriguez
Unique Flavor

The flavor is very unique. My favorite!