How Long Does Tequila Last In Freezer?

How Long Does Tequila Last In Freezer?

Lately, we have had an unexpected variety of questions on tequila, and, if anything, we are surprised that many misconceptions surround everyone’s beloved agave spirit - the golden elixir. We want to clear them out so you, our favorite tequila enthusiasts, can add some real Tequila Travesuras to your lives.

Today, we will discuss freezing tequila: how long does tequila last in the freezer, and why would you put it in the freezer at all?

While it is a popular practice, and you might have a bottle chilling in the freezer as you read this blog, we recommend against it henceforth.

Why Should You Not Refrigerate Tequila?

Storing tequila in a freezer affects its flavor and aroma. Additionally, the extra cold numbs the palate, distracting the taste buds from the drink’s actual flavor. Surprisingly, most people know it but still choose to freeze their favorite drink. Why? Let’s break it down a notch further.

Cooling increases tequila’s viscosity and creates a smoother texture. As a result, the liquid glides over the taste buds, coating the mouth and delivering a pleasant experience. Since it is cold, people do not feel the harsh burning sensation in their throat, making it easier to enjoy.

If freezing brings all the advantages, why do we recommend against it? Well, putting tequila in the freezer decreases the intensity of the flavors and aroma. While it may not be an issue with vodka since it is preferred neutral, tequila is a different game. We love it for its natural flavors and enticing aromas, which cold temperatures can mute if frozen extensively.

Let’s get into a little more detail and say this: cheap, low-quality tequila uses additives and synthetic tastes, so freezing them can make them more palatable by cutting down the taste and unwanted flavors. But premium tequila, such as our very own Tequila Travesuras, is high-quality and free from additives and artificial flavors. It is designed to be had in its authentic state to experience true infusion.

Complex, Exquisite, and Real

Tequila is incredibly complex and contains rich, authentic ingredients. Every note and every hint of aroma is crafted to deliver a full-spectrum experience at room temperature.

Years of maturing imbue the golden elixir with incredible elements of nature, giving the spirit its unique character. Freezing it sacrifices the distinct flavors and the real essence of the agave spirit.

So, What’s the Best Way to Store Tequila?

We recommend storing tequila at a temperature of 10-13° C (50-55° F). Liquor cabinets are perfect because you can set them to the right temperature. The best solution for hot and humid regions is a dark cupboard away from sunlight. The same applies if you are short of a liquor cabinet.

If you have an open bottle, remember to use a tightly sealed lid to retain its best quality and a longer shelf life since oxidation can degrade the flavors and aromas.

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